DMRG in nuclear physics

Density matrix renormalization group

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Density matrix renormalization group in nuclear physics

\(m\)-scheme shell model formulation

Convergence issues in \(m\)-scheme solved in \(j\)-scheme shell model

Reordering of states in the medium to reduce the \(m\)-scheme convergence issue

\(j\)-scheme shell model formulation in the Berggren basis (Gamow-DMRG)

Idea of the Gamow-DMRG emitted in the middle of a paper

Density matrix renormalization group applied on nuclear open quantum systems (J. Rotureau)

Ab initio Hamiltonians for systems with \({ A=3-6 }\)

Effective Hamiltonians with up to 10 valence nucleons

Introduction of natural orbitals

The introduction of the natural orbitals basis dramatically accelerated the convergence of the energy with the number of iterations and effectively rendered the sweep phases unnecessary. This was introduced in:

Natural orbitals